LOCAT Training

What is LOCAT Training?

LOCAT Training is a self-learning online training course developed to train radiologists to interpret low-dose appendiceal CT.

Interested visitors can try LOCAT Training after registering at http://training.locat.org.

*Training overview

Purposes of LOCAT Training

  • To ensure the safety of the patients participating in LOCAT.

  • To measure the learning curve of radiologists in interpreting low-dose appendiceal CT.

  • To familiarize radiologists with the structured report used in LOCAT.

  • To promote the use of low-dose CT technique.

Initial experience with LOCAT Training

The LOCAT Group analyzed the learning curves of 46 attending radiologists and 153 radiology residents, from 22 Sites, who completed LOCAT Training (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26587949). The study results suggested that the learning curve depends on overall radiology training and clinical experience in general, rather than on experience with low-dose appendiceal CT specifically.